Pooja Sharma


Pooja is an engineer-turned-recruiter and has been a force on the Swing team since 2017. She holds a Bachelor of Computer Science and uses her technical background to recruit startup leaders that are highly analytical and able to partner with technologists at all levels. 

Pooja got her start in recruiting in 2013 at Hike Messenger, India’s first home-grown instant messenger app. There she  helped grow the engineering, product and design teams during their hyper growth through their Series B and Series C funding, growing from 20 million to 100 million users. 

In 2016, Pooja joined a US-based startup called KryptonCloud, a highly-technical software company, acquired by Splunk in 2018. There she worked directly with the CEO to make key hires in engineering and business development. 

In her spare time, Pooja loves doing Jiu-Jitsu or playing badminton, volleyball, or rock-climbing. For her insanely beautiful Indian wedding, check out Swing’s Instagram feed!

Notable Placements:

VP of Sales, Parity
Head of Solutions Engineering, ReadMe
Head of Product, ReadMe
Head of Growth, Empower
Head of Digital Marketing, Ladder
Head of Product, Fiddler
Sr Director, Product Marketing, ManyChat
Director, Product Marketing, Ease
Director, Product Marketing, TerraTrue
Director, Demand Gen, Fiddler
Director, Product, Bungalow
Director, Lifecycle Marketing, Bungalow
Director, Product, Catch&Release
Director, Product, Kindur
Paid Marketing Lead, Huckleberry
Senior Product Mgr, Casetext
Senior Mgr, Field Marketing, GiveCampus
Senior Mgr, Paid Demand Gen, ManyChat
Performance Marketing Mgr, ManyChat
Performance Marketing Mgr, Empower
Solutions Architect, Cohere
Staff Engineer – Infrastructure, Level

If I had one motto to live by:

Consistent hard work leads to success.

Favorite interview question:

What’s something you’d be happy doing everyday for the rest of your career?

Fun Fact:

I’m always down for new adventures and tried scuba diving even though I’m super scared of deep water.