Don't settle for just anyone. Hire the one.

We specialize in finding top performers and executives for high-growth startups.​ Hiring is hard. Let us make it easier for you →


From proven startup leaders to rising executives

We work with Founders to place a range of levels, from go-to-market team build-outs to proven C-level leaders. We are trusted for our responsiveness, our ability to understand startup roles, and our art for pitching and closing the best candidates to take the company to the next level.


The SwingSearch team is a group of insiders. We’re a healthy mix of experienced recruiters and startup leaders. We understand who you need to succeed at your company’s level of growth. We specialize in Marketing, Product & Growth, Sales, Engineering Leadership, People/Human Resources, Finance, and Customer Success.  Learn more about our work.



Innovative brands across enterprise, consumer, fintech, ecommerce, and healthcare trust us to help them be smarter, faster, more informed, and better at hiring. Because the stakes are too high to get it wrong.

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