Mandy Edmund


Mandy is known among the VCs in the Bay Area as having an uncanny ability to define the go-to-market leadership needs of an early stage company. She loves working with early hiring teams, providing clarity on what is needed in a role, and helping Founders with their pitch to top talent. 

At SwingSearch, Mandy serves as exec stakeholder in a wide range of high-profile searches. She is focused on continually raising the bar, for Swing and for our clients. 

Mandy is a Board Member of WorldWide Orphans Foundation, an active mentor at Techstars, and a Mom to three amazing daughters.

If I had one motto for our clients:

“You are always recruiting! Recruiting customers, recruiting investors and recruiting top talent!”

Fun facts:

Mandy was living in NYC and about to begin a Masters/PhD in Theology when she decided to try the entrepreneurial route instead. She’s been in Silicon Valley ever since.

Oh, and she has a black belt in Taekwondo, so it is fitting she is coined the “Search Master”.