Zvezdelina Naydenova


Many on the SwingSearch team consider Zvezdelina (“Z”) our secret weapon! 

Z joined Swing as a Research Analyst and was quickly promoted to Senior Research Analyst where she partnered with recruiters and clients to unearth great candidates overlooked by more traditional sourcing approaches. Z proved to be so resourceful to everyone on the team, it was made her full-time role. She now works on strategic initiatives to grow the company and help the team do their best work. 

Originally from Bulgaria, Zvezdelina dabbles in six languages (Bulgarian, English, Italian, German, Spanish & Korean). She has been an official translator for TED Conferences and like many on the Swing team, is proud of her role as a pet parent of a supercute supermutt named Cleo. She is a lifelong learner and ever curious, dazzling us with her abilities in graphic design and photography. Z holds a Masters in Political Psychology and wrote her thesis on “Surge in Bulgarian civic activity amidst conditions of chronic national pain.”


Go-to-market, growth and product roles in big data, fintech and consumer-facing companies

Fun fact:

Z is at the top two percent in the world for hours spent studying languages on Duolingo