Suzanne Casolaro


Suzanne is a quadrilingual Scrabble champion and seasoned fintech operator-turned-GTM leadership recruiter, from Director to C-level. Prior to SwingSearch, Suzanne scaled global sales orgs through two exits and was a VP Sales at Adyen (IPO 2018) and sales leader at Square (IPO 2015). Clients choose Suzanne because she has lived it, and brings a wealth of knowledge on everything from sales strategy to the future of fintech. She is customer-obsessed and her NPS average is 10/10.

Notable Placements:

CMO, AudioEye
CRO, AudioEye
CBO, AudioEye
SVP Marketing, Rockbot
Head of Marketing, Icon Savings Plan
VP Marketing, Avibra
VP Marketing, Vida Health
VP Marketing, Amino
VP Marketing, Guru
VP Business Development, Fundbox
VP Sales, Made Renovation
VP Sales,
Head of Sales, Orum
Head of Talent, Orum

Notable book on team building & startups:

The Hard Thing about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

If I had one motto to live by …

My former CRO who is Dutch would always tell us “Next Game” when we lamented anything – losing a deal, prospects gone dark, not enough pipeline to hit our numbers etc. It isn’t about what you lost but about what’s next, think ahead.

Fun fact:

I did a few consulting gigs as an elections official in Latin America back in my international development days. Search and Mexican elections have one thing in common – a lot of twists and turns!

Favorite interview question for clients:

Tell me something that happened here that wouldn’t happen anywhere else.