Sarah Greathouse


Sarah was pursuing a degree in clinical psychology when she realized she wanted to bring her interest in people and behavior to the HR and recruiting world. Her first few roles in HR made her quickly see that she loved the energy and pace of recruiting the best. 

Sarah met Jen Loftus, Founder & CEO of SwingSearch, over 15+ years ago at a different recruiting agency and hoped to have the chance to work with her again. After several career journeys, including 11+ years of recruiting at Pandora, she found Jen again and joined the Swing team! As a seasoned full-desk recruiter, Sarah loves coaching candidates through the career opportunities in front of them and working with Hiring Managers to ensure the hiring process feels personalized and efficient. 

When not at work, Sarah loves being in the outdoors with her family and three teenage daughters.


Product, Marketing & Sales

Fun Fact:

I was scuba certified in Thailand

Interview Advice:

Don’t be too quick to judge.  People don’t often fit into the little boxes you try to put them in.

Favorite Interview Question:

What was the impact of your contribution?