Liz Margoles


Liz is a California native, and like many on the team, has been working in one capacity or another since she was a teenager. 

Liz got her first taste of recruiting in college where she worked part-time as “Chief Banana Peeler” at Gorilla Search Group (read: front-end sourcing). There, she learned the ropes on sourcing, researching and hunting passive and active candidates. At Gorilla, she also had her first career mentors, a quality she looks for in any company she joins. Liz credits finishing her college degree while holding a full-time job as teaching her the time management and organization skills needed to be a best-in-class researcher (and successful adult!)

Since then, Liz has built a 15-year career in researching and reaching out to top candidates. She loves the challenge of sourcing, especially in Enterprise Saas where competition is fierce and industry knowledge is so important.

Focus / Life-goal:

To be the Godmother of all research and sourcing skills.

Favorite things to do:

Laugh and make others laugh

If I had one motto to live by:

Always keep learning and be open minded!

Fun fact:

I am a lifelong tennis player and played on my college team