Laura Musgrave


Laura is a native New Mexican who found her way back to the Land of Enchantment after a decade spent living in Southern California, Ireland, and NYC. She received her Bachelor’s in Government from University of Redlands and her Master’s in Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Laura’s professional career began in NYC where she was fortunate enough to try a number of different roles (events management, sales operations, client relationship management) in a variety of industries (Information Technology, Private Equity, start-ups) before finding her way to search. Prior to joining Swing, Laura worked at N2Growth where she worked with a variety of industries and functions in executive search. 


Laura loves listening to the personal stories that influence the growth, development and motivation of people – she loves getting to the bottom of “who are you and where do you want to go in your career?”. She has a passion for understanding what motivates people, hearing their stories, and finding the perfect career match to meet their goals and dreams. 


When Laura isn’t working she is running around the trails in the mountains where she lives, preferably with her dog Guinness in tow.


Finding the perfect search match – when a client’s dream leader is someone who’s dream job is the client’s opportunity.

If I had one motto to live by:

”Your liberation is yours to create, no one can free you but yourself.” Yung Pueblo

Fun Fact:

Being active and being outdoors are my greatest non-working passions. An ex-competitive collegiate swimmer, I spend my free time engaged in triathlons, trail ultrarunning, cycling, and backpacking (and I want to learn how to snowshoe and nordic ski so I can complete a quadrathlon!). 

Favorite interview question:

Give me an example of a time you did not succeed, how did you manage it and what were the biggest lessons you learned?