Jen Gurvey


Prior to joining ​SwingSearch, J​en​ ​was at Betts Recruiting ​where she realized recruiting was her “fifth and final career.” Prior to that, Jen had a career in marketing at various companies big and small (SmartThings, TouchTunes, William-Sonoma) where she helped build brands, manage teams and define overall creative strategy. This experience gave her insight into the mind of a marketer and what marketing leadership needs to succeed.. 

At SwingSearch, Jen’s primary focus is senior IC and Director-level marketing roles primarily in B2B SaaS, security, networking, infrastructure and AI companies.

Jen has a Master’s Degree ​in Counseling ​from Gallaudet University and brings her listening ear to the recruiting process so she can understand clients’ and candidates’ true drivers. She’s a Southern transplant, an Atlanta native who now calls the Bay Area home after 20+ years.

Notable Placements:

SVP of Marketing, Yellow Messenger
VP of Marketing
, Pico MES
VP of Marketing
, Neuron7
VP of Finance, Fulcrum
Sr Director of Product Marketing, Simpplr
Head of Product Marketing, Everlaw
Head of Demand Gen, Safebreach
Head of Product,
Director of Brand and Comms, Simpplr
Head of Product Marketing, ThousandEyes
Head of Demand Gen, Guru
Director of Demand Gen, Turvo
Marketing Lead, Upscribe

Creative Director, Coursera

Fun fact:

One of Jen’s first careers was working with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people, so she’s fluent in American Sign Language. This experience has given her a leg up in the world of Zoom as she’s attune to one’s facial expressions and body language.

Biggest strengths:

Compassion and relationship building

Favorite Interview Questions:

“What do you want to do, like really want to do?” (Without having any expectations, it gives me the opportunity to have an honest conversation while providing me more insight into what motivates and truly interests candidates.)