Jacqui Corrado


Jacqui started her career in wealth management and financial services. She loved the research and relationship management, but wanted something with more soul. Career mentors suggested she look into the world of recruiting. She loved the idea of working with multiple innovative companies at once and thanks to great opportunities at Safire Partners and SpaceX, she became hooked on startup recruiting!

At SwingSearch, Jacqui remains a generalist, placing startup leaders across all functions in high-growth VC-backed environments. She loves the excitement of a search, learning new industries and matchmaking the right candidates with the right opportunities. When the stars align, recruiting feels mission-driven and life-changing to candidates and Jacqui thrives with that motivation. 

Jacqui received her BS in Business Administration from Georgetown University. She grew up living in Tokyo, London and New York and is now based in Florida where she loves taking calls with a view of the waves.

Notable Placements: 

CRO, Auterion
COO, Kepler Communications 
CTO, Ithaka 
Field CTO & Chief Evangelist, Gradle
VP of Growth Marketing, Gradle

VP of Sales, Chameleon
VP of Marketing, Chameleon
Head of Sales, Graft
Head of People
, Gradle
Sr Director of GTM Operations,
Head of Demand Generation
, Moveworks
Director of Product Marketing, Impira
Head of Consumer Marketing, Physna
Director of Customer Experience, Ladder

In her spare time …

Jaqui loves to explore new neighborhoods on bike

Favorite interview question

Tell me about the most difficult problem that you had to solve in the past year

Fun Fact:

Jacqui used to be a flying trapeze instructor