Ellie Pearson


Ellie moved to San Francisco in 2015 to join Square as an early sales hire. She spent 5.5 years at Square, through its IPO, growing and scaling the sales org from 20-300 reps and closing some of the company’s largest historic deals. From Square, Ellie followed her love of building to a VC firm where she rolled up her sleeves with early-stage startups to help build their go-to-market and sales strategies.

Her passion for networking, career counseling and startups led her to recruiting where she was thrilled to team up with her former Square colleague and SwingSearch Associate Partner, Suzanne Casolaro to grow Swing’s fintech practice. 

As a former collegiate athlete, Ellie is always on the move! When she’s not recruiting you can find her doing yoga (or teaching yoga) or cruising on trails in Marin County on her dual suspension mountain bike.

Notable Placements:

CMO, Constructor.io
VP of Customer Success, Proton AI
Head of Demand Generation, Hummingbird
Head of Total Rewards, Webflow
Head of Product Marketing, Daily
Head of Growth,
Future Family
Head of Product, Future Family
Head of Marketing,
Head of Marketing,
Icon Savings
Head of Talent
Head of Growth


A Proud Moment:

Ellie was the 2013 MVP of the NCAA DIII National Championship for the DePauw Women’s Basketball team (Yeah Midwest roots!). After the big win and a 34-0 season, she had the chance to go to the Whitehouse and meet President Obama!

Fun Fact:

Ellie has set up 2 different couples who are now married to each other — career matchmaker and romantic matchmaker?! 🙂

Favorite interview question:

What brings you energy?